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Riding Sunbeams, Chasing Moonbeams

If I were to say in this blog that I remain committed to the Smart Growth principles that regular readers are familiar with and then say that I thought they would be best achieved by pursuing policies like housing sprawl, motorway building, airport expansion and distribution shed sprawl, you might r...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 06 April 2020

Negotiating With Nature, Two Examples

In my previous blog on Nature and Negotiation, I described the process of negotiation recommended by Roger Fisher and William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Since examples are helpful to see how this might work with Nature, here are a couple of illustrative cases. Among the many responsibil...

Posted by Nigel Pearce on 30 March 2020

Nature And Negotiation

For too long humans have forgotten, or have failed to realise, that our relationship with Nature is based on negotiation. Instead, we have treated this relationship as an imposition by one party, humanity, on the other, Nature, with no clear voice of its own. So, for the most part, we have not negot...

Posted by Nigel Pearce on 26 March 2020

Interesting Times

Expecting the unexpected is one of the trickier things governments are expected to do. Preparing for the things you do expect is hard enough and the Covid-19 crisis has burst on the scene with enormous speed. The post mortem is, mercifully, a long way ahead and right now we need to concentrate on de...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 24 March 2020

Melting The Ice

About 30 years ago, the magazine where I then worked made a bit of a laughing stock of itself by claiming a World Exclusive. Scientists, we reported, were becoming increasingly concerned about the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. If it melted, we said, it would raise world sea levels by up...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 07 March 2020

Fit For Purpose

Most new governments over the past 40 years have come to power promising to cull the quango population. This ambition quickly founders when they discover these bodies are really useful ways of delivering unpopular public services while insulating the minister from blame when things go wrong. Just at...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 28 February 2020


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