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Truths, Damned Truths And Projections

I wonder whether there is relief or regret around the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government over the decision last year to transfer responsibility for household growth projections to the Office of National Statistics. The projections, officially the basis of policies demanding the bu...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 21 September 2018

Flat White Knowledge

One of the things about the so-called Knowledge Economy, which is supposed to replace our dependency on traditional industries, is that those involved actually like to meet face to face. ICT is of course a major component of it, so it was once assumed that people would work from home and communicate...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 14 September 2018

A Wealth Of Experience

Last night I was privileged to attend a 120th birthday bash for one of the very oldest environmental bodies in the world, at the Guildhall in London. Environmental Protection UK has its origins in the local smoke abatement societies set up during the Victorian period which came together in 1898 to f...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 11 September 2018

Come On, Be Regional, Again

These days you sometimes hear councils describing themselves as a Pro-Growth Authority. Quite what an anti-growth authority would look like is unclear, the zero-growth economics favoured by greens a generation ago having gone out of fashion. But somehow I can-apos-t help feeling that Pro-Growth Auth...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 04 September 2018

Prospects Of England

You can pretty much tell when Whitehall is embarrassed about something. They publish it in August, when people are on holiday. So it came as no surprise when the new Garden Communities prospectus slipped out on the 15th of the month. Apparently, according to the secretary of state, it expands on Gov...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 23 August 2018

The Silly Season

Journalists call August the Silly Season because lack of mainstream news prompts the less investigative amongst them to print any old rubbish, to fill their pages or their broadcasts. Now something of the sort seems to be happening to politicians, judging by the number trying to climb aboard the ban...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 19 August 2018


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