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Sacred Or Profane

The Internet Sacred Text Archive is an intriguing website which contains, as it says, the text of numerous books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric. In a section headed Utopia, is a book many consider sacred, namely Garden Cities of Tomorrow by Sir Ebenezer Howard. I-apos-ve been a...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 19 April 2018

Garden Communities And Why Communities Are Saying No

This week sees the launch of two important publications on garden communities. Most important, of course, is the Smart Growth UK report on garden communities with the affected communities themselves saying just why they are saying no. No less than 10 of the local opposition campaigns have come toget...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 12 April 2018

Housing Targets And The Death Of Oxfordshire

First of all we heard from the Oxfordshire Growth Board, which includes the six Oxfordshire councils, that 100,000 new homes were needed -apos-to address the county-apos-s severe housing shortage and expected economic growth-apos-. Then we found out that a new Government method of calculating housin...

Posted by Nigel Pearce on 08 April 2018

Look To The Centre

There has been some talk recently about setting up political parties to stand for local authority elections on a platform of opposition to the greenfield sprawl now threatening so much of our environment. I do actually have a certain amount of sympathy for many local politicians who know very well t...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 30 March 2018

Mutually Supportive Outcomes

Almost everyone agrees that pursuit of sustainable development should be the point of departure for planning policy. The trouble is, no-one agrees what constitutes it. In England, HousCLoG has, as we all know, published proposals to tinker with the National Planning Policy Framework and much else, w...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 25 March 2018

A Funny Sort Of Crisis

The blog by Nigel Pearce suggesting we rethink the language of planning set me thinking about the way we do indeed use, and misuse, language. Nigel was particularly scathing about misuse of words like growth and sustainable and he is right. I must admit the phrase that currently sets my teeth on edg...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 16 March 2018


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