Professional Standards And Advocacy

The blog by Nigel Pearce yesterday, see below, has created something of a Twitter storm around the issue of just how objective should a planning consultant be when working for a client in support of scheme. Well, it would be easy to say that you never hear of a consultant telling a client their sche...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 18 June 2018

Structural Dishonesty In The Planning System

Underneath the topsoil of local councils and developers in England, and presumably elsewhere in the UK, lies a substratum of consultants, both national and international, who are making a great deal of money out of the planning system. When developers employ consultants to carry out sustainability ...

Posted by Nigel Pearce on 17 June 2018

Why Land Squandering Goes On And On And On

One of the great mysteries of planning in this country is why the most densely populated country in Europe goes on squandering its land with the lowest residential density development in Europe. I must apologise to readers outwith England here, as it-apos-s England I-apos-m referring to, though land...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 02 June 2018

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UK should still respect European green laws

Added on 02 September 2016

A group of 10 European environmental bodies has told European leaders that the EU must insist on full respect from the UK for its environmental acquis – its body of laws – both existing and future if it wants continued access to the single market.

The Green 10 group of environmental NGOs has written to the three EU presidents calling for a series of measures to be discussed the forthcoming informal EU-27 leaders’ summit in Bratislava. These include joint action on climate change, natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity and health.

"The EU is at a crossroads," says the letter. "It can either continue on the current path of deregulation and ‘less Europe’ – a path which has clearly failed to convince citizens both in the UK and across the Union – or it can embark on something new, answering to the needs and aspirations of European citizens. On this new path, instead of focussing on promoting globalisation, the EU would direct its efforts towards managing its impacts on our planet and ensuring that all its citizens can live a good life, well within the planetary boundaries."

Green 10 says EU environmental laws have drastically improved the standard of living in Europe and need further tightening. It says a patchwork of national laws will serve no-one.

The group also calls for an end to current trade negotiations like CETA and TTIP which threaten sustainable development and a review of the Common Agricultural Policy. It wants firm greenhouse gas targets.

"As regards the future relationship with the UK, the EU must insist on the full respect for and participation in the EU’s environmental acquis, both existing and future, as a condition for full access to the single market," it says.

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