Professional Standards And Advocacy

The blog by Nigel Pearce yesterday, see below, has created something of a Twitter storm around the issue of just how objective should a planning consultant be when working for a client in support of scheme. Well, it would be easy to say that you never hear of a consultant telling a client their sche...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 18 June 2018

Structural Dishonesty In The Planning System

Underneath the topsoil of local councils and developers in England, and presumably elsewhere in the UK, lies a substratum of consultants, both national and international, who are making a great deal of money out of the planning system. When developers employ consultants to carry out sustainability ...

Posted by Nigel Pearce on 17 June 2018

Why Land Squandering Goes On And On And On

One of the great mysteries of planning in this country is why the most densely populated country in Europe goes on squandering its land with the lowest residential density development in Europe. I must apologise to readers outwith England here, as it-apos-s England I-apos-m referring to, though land...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 02 June 2018

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Changes to Planning Framework Delayed

Added on 29 July 2016

The Government’s changes to England’s National Planning Policy Framework will not now be published until the autumn, communities minister Gavin Barwell has confirmed.

In a Commons written answer he told South West Devon MP Gary Streeter the Department received 1,100 responses to the consultation and expects to respond and make the changes in the autumn. His predecessor, Brandon Lewis, previously said they would be announced in the summer.

Smart Growth UK was among the bodies responding to the consultation, supporting the consultation’s plans for commuter hubs but recommending a stronger transit-oriented-development line. Changes to proposals for brownfield registers were also urged.

Mr Barwell also promised a response to the Commons Communities and Local Government report on the NPPF.

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