Predict And Arrive

I was recently challenged to produce a plan for building five million homes in over the next 50 years. My initial reaction was to react like the apocryphal bloke in deepest rural Ireland who, asked by a passing motorist the way to Limerick, replied that if he were going to Limerick, he wouldn-apos-t...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 20 November 2017

Affordability And Need

One of the big arguments put forward for the huge greenfield housing developments now being imposed by central government is that they would deliver so many homes they would lower house prices, and maybe even rents. The latest addition to this canon comes from the Royal Town Planning Institute which...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 08 November 2017

A Guide To The Greed Belt

A guide to green belts to address common misunderstandings is long overdue, but an organisation set up with the specific purpose of building more houses is not the body to provide it. In fact it is pretty much the worst possible author of such a publication. So I approached the Housing and Finance I...

Posted by Jon Reeds on 29 October 2017

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Changes to Planning Framework Delayed

Added on 29 July 2016

The Government’s changes to England’s National Planning Policy Framework will not now be published until the autumn, communities minister Gavin Barwell has confirmed.

In a Commons written answer he told South West Devon MP Gary Streeter the Department received 1,100 responses to the consultation and expects to respond and make the changes in the autumn. His predecessor, Brandon Lewis, previously said they would be announced in the summer.

Smart Growth UK was among the bodies responding to the consultation, supporting the consultation’s plans for commuter hubs but recommending a stronger transit-oriented-development line. Changes to proposals for brownfield registers were also urged.

Mr Barwell also promised a response to the Commons Communities and Local Government report on the NPPF.

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